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How the length of wire affects its resistance Essay Example

How the length of wire affects its resistance Paper Introduction- In our investigation we are trying to find out that what are the factors which effect the resistance of a resistance wire. Through textbooks and information from the Internet I have identified these factors. -The length of the wire -The thickness of the wire -The material of the wire -The temperature of the wire Through my general knowledge and reading through various textbooks I know that electrons move more easily through some conductors than others. And that the resistance is the opposing force, which slows down the flow of electrons. And through learning I know that good conductors have low resistance and poor conductors have high resistance. And a resistance is caused in a circuit when a free moving electron collides with an ion where the kinetic energy of the electron is transformed to heat energy and therefore it loses its speed and in turn the material the electrons were flowing through gets hot. From past learning I know that the free moving electron is said to be free because they have enough energy to escape from the attraction of the nucleus, and move with a random motion. And they will flow in one direction from the negative side to the positive of the circuit (because the electron is negatively charged) when I pass a current through the circuit. While reading through a textbook I also found out that when the current is passing through the circuit the electrons would have many opportunities to collide with an ion because this is a fixed structure of the metal wire that I will be testing. And would be attracted to the negative side of the circuit because it is positively charged but however it cannot move because it has no energy to do so or again because it is a fixed structure. We will write a custom essay sample on How the length of wire affects its resistance specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on How the length of wire affects its resistance specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on How the length of wire affects its resistance specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Trough learning I know that the best way to find out the resistance of a wire in ohms is by using the following equation. Resistance of voltage across the conductor A conductor = current through the conductor Which in short can be written as V R= I Variables- The main factor of the whole experiment is the wire that we use to test the resistance. The wire will be in use the hole time through out the experiment. Beginning from 100cm and ending at 10cm. The only other factor that will affect the wire is the temperature, the reason being because I have worked with it if the electricity is left for a long time on. Then the wire will start to melt or if it is on a higher electricity level from the power pack then the wire will actually burn. Prediction- I predict that the longer the length of the wire the higher the resistance because, the longer the wire the more ions it will have, so theoretically there are more opportunities for the free moving electrons to collide with the ion. Which reduces its speed so to this the resistance increases also predict that the length of wire would be directly proportional to the resistance. So if you increase the length by two the resistance would also increase by two times. I predicted this because from my past learning and the information I have gathered tells me that this is true. (GCSE physics by Duncan) clearly states the resistance of a wire is proportional to its length (quadrupling the length quadruples the resistance) And (lets revise GCSE science) also suggests, the length of wire is proportional to its resistance Apparatus- Ruler-100cm long with the wire attached to it with tape. Voltmeter -this was connected parallel to the wire. Power pack -the supply of energy was put to two volts Ammeter -this was connected from the positive side of the power pack to the positive of the ammeter with a lead because this is the best way to get an accurate reading. Leads -this connected all the equipment Crocodile clips -this was used to connect the leads to the metal wire to let a current pass through. Variable resistor- if reading of voltmeter beyond range adjusted. Method- My circuit was set up like this: + Variable resistor Power pack Voltmeter Ammeter + + 100 cm Ruler Test wire. In this investigation a simple circuit will be set up to read the voltage and current when the length of the wire changes. The circuit should be set up as above. The length will range from 10cm 100cm (1m) with intervals of 10cm. Moving the crocodile clip across the wire on a ruler will change the length of the wire. If I am doing the experiment rite then I should be able to spot a pattern straight away. This way I would be able to see if the experiment is going ok. Of the pattern does not show up then the experiment that is being carried out is wrong.

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Sociology Personal Statement for a Graduate’s Program Essay Example

Sociology Personal Statement for a Graduate’s Program Essay Example Sociology Personal Statement for a Graduate’s Program Essay Sociology Personal Statement for a Graduate’s Program Essay Sociology, which sometimes also refers as social science, deals with the scientific study of society. By using numerous types of pragmatic examinations and critical analysis, a sociologist analyze how humans interact with each other or simply how they interact with the society. There are different areas of sociology each examine a unique perspective of humans or society such as social organization that deals with the study of numerous groups, institutes or organizations and social psychology that deals with the study of collective behavior of humans and their attitudes or personalities. To become a sociologist you will first need to complete your graduate from a prospective university and to get admission in that university you will need to write a sociology personal statement. A personal statement is a prerequisite that you need to tackle when you apply to any college or university. It tells the board that evaluates the applications what makes the applicant tick, how he developed an interest in sociology and why he wants to study in this university. There are some personal statements that offer the applicants to pick out their own theme such as medical or law statements. But there are also some that ask the applicant to respond to only given questions such as business related personal statements. Nonetheless, to write an attention-grabbing sociology personal statement that can occupy a slot in your specific university, follow the below listed guidelines. First determine your potential or capability for studying sociology. List down your special skills or past experiences that shows your aptitude for this field. Tell the audience why you are the fit candidate for the sociology graduate program. What makes you special and competent to continue further studies in this field? Recall the history of your academic performance or previous experience that can act as evidence that you can handle the graduate studies in sociology in a competent manner. For instance, show them that you maintained your good performance and high grades while doing a full-time job during undergraduate. It is also important to conduct a little research on the university where you are applying for the graduation program so that you can respond them why their university is the best place for you. For instance, you can discuss their special course that you didn’t find in any other university and how that special course compelled you to seek admission there. Start the draft with an appealing introduction that hooks the board of the university. Open the statement with an interesting anecdote. You can also start with a quotation that gives the readers an idea about your point of view regarding sociology. Describe your qualification, work experience, inspiration or aspiration in the body of the personal statement. Since it is a sociology personal statement you need not to use any jargon but keep the writing simple. In the conclusion of the statement, reiterate the interest in the sociology field and your future goals that you have in mind.